Alive Parish Demo: Welcome

Alive Parish Software, developed by the Redemptorist Media Center, Bangalore, is the one-stop place to manage your parish data. It stores information about your parishioners, arranged by families. It provides you with reports based on different kinds of parishioner searches, e.g. if you want a list of all parish youth (age 15-30), it provides this through a search, and searches can be customized according to your needs. Alive Parish stores a wide range of information about your parishioners available to you with a few clicks. It also provides forms to record a survey of your parish, it can record your parishioners satisfaction, needs and awareness about different aspects of your parish.

Alive Parish provides all the registers needed to manage sacramental data, such as Baptism register, First Holy Communion register, Confirmation register, Marriage register and Death register. At any time, a certificate can be generated for any sacrament, which can be printed out as and when needed. It also provides a Banns register, based on which letters can be automatically generated to send to the parish priest of the bride/groom for publication of banns. Letter can also be generated for banns reply with date of banns. A no-impediment letter also can be generated when needed. Alive Parish provides a multi-user environment where the parish priest / clergy can access the software at the same time as the parish staff. Different levels of privilege are provided for different users based on their role such as Pastor, Staff, etc. Alive Parish can be accessed from any system without needing to install any special application / software to access it. Mass bookings can be done with an automatically generated receipt which is ready to print. It also has a language translation for users of Indian languages like Kannada, Tamil and Hindi. It also adds features that brings your parish up to date with the present technology, including photo upload of parishioners, family photo and a google map feature to locate the residence of families.

To summarize, see the list of features by clicking here.