Frequently Asked Questions

Q1). What hardware and infrastructure do I need to run Alive Parish?

Alive Parish can run from any standard computer with any version of Windows or Linux. If you want access to multiple users from different systems, a simple LAN (local network) in your office is sufficient. Only one system - the server, needs to have Alive Parish installed. No need to install anything on other systems in the Office network.

Q2). I dont have Internet in my parish or I have a very slow dial-up Internet connection. Can I use Alive Parish in my parish?

Alive Parish can run without an Internet connection. It can be installed locally in your parish and can be accessed from your parish systems with full functionality.

Q3). Do I need to purchase extra licenses to access the software from different systems?

No, a single licence for Alive Parish covers multiple systems from which you may need access.

Q4). Can I customize the fields, survey forms, questions, etc?

Alive Parish is highly customizable and configurable. You can customize field dropdown options according to your needs. You can customize the survey criteria and questions as required.

Q5). What about the security of my parish data?

Your parish data is stored in a secure database which is protected by username and password. You can run the software from a PC in your office which ensures that the data is safe in your hands.

Q6). What happens in the event of a mishap like fire / theft / damage to the server?

Alive Parish database can be backed up and saved to an external disk. This way, your data can be recovered in case of any event that causes damage or loss of the server.

Q7). Can I access the parish software from outside? What is the security of such access?

Yes, your parish software can be sychronized with our server and we can provide you a URL which
you can use to access your parish software from the Internet. So when you travel, you still have
access to your parish data. You can also provide access to your bishop, for example. This is safe
because it is password protected so the data cannot be accessed without username and password.

Q8). What if there is power failure in my parish office?

Normally, your software will recover from a power failure. However, it is recommended to use a backup power such as UPS. In the case there is a problem recovering the data, a recent backup can be used to restore the system.

Q9). Can I use Alive Parish to send SMS or email to groups of users?

Yes. You can do a member search based on your criteria and download the results in an Excel sheet. This can be used to send SMS / emails to members of the group. Alive Parish was born out of a felt need for quality parish management software which provides the benefit of current web based technology and is affordable by Indian standards. Alive Parish has been built out of the experience and needs of Redemptorist parishes such as Holy Ghost Church and Holy Redeemer Church, by people involved with the census of Holy Ghost Church, Bangalore. Therefore, it comes with practical quality that should benefit any Indian parish, big or small. It should bridge the gap between the pastors and the people. It should simplify the daily tasks involved in running a parish and free up pastors to focus on the spiritual needs of the flock. We hope many parishes can reap the benefits of Alive Parish and use this technology to build the Church.