Alive Parish provides all the functions that are needed to manage a typical Catholic parish. To summarize, here the key features:

  • Stores data about Parishioners, Families with 25+16 standard fields, customizable to your needs
  • Provides Custom search on Families, Members, e.g Youth (age 15-30). All search results can be exported to XLS
  • Provides Subscription view Calendar, Create (pay) Subscription with Receipt. Find Families where Subscription is due
  • Records Survey data about Families: Satisfaction, Needs, Awareness, Open Questions
  • Provides Reports with percentage of people based on above Surveys with Charts to view results
  • Provides Registers for Sacraments, with auto-generated printable Sacrament Certificates (Baptism, Confirmation, First Holy Communion, Marriage). All certificates generated are archived for later reference.
  • Provides Death register with Death Certificate and Banns register with auto-generated banns letters (Banns request, Banns response, No-impediment letter)
  • View Mass Bookings Calendar, Create Mass Bookings and generate printable Receipt
  • Language translation for users of native (non-English) languages: e.g. Kannada, Hindi, Tamil and many more.
  • Member photo, Family photo upload feature. Google map to locate house address
  • Multiple users can access simultaneously: Clergy, Staff, etc. Each member can have separate account. This helps track who did Mass bookings, Subscriptions, etc.
  • Different Access Privilege Levels based on Roles (Pastor, Staff, Admin)
  • Extra devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc) can access simultaneously, with just a browser (no need to install client software on the device)
  • Currency selection: set one of 18 international currencies applicable for all transactions. Includes Euro, Yen, US Dollar, Indian Rupee and many more
  • Full Accounting package with all transactions recorded. Account Statements and Account Summary for selected period.